Lessons are 40 minutes long

*Purchase 5 lessons first, then you have the option to keep buying this package, or to spend 850 and get the remaining 45 lessons of 50 with the Passion Package. If you buy 8 of this 5 pack over time, you will get 10 lessons free at the end as a gift for your commitment.

*You first purchase the 5 lesson taster package, and then you can have the option to pay 850 for the remaining 45 of 50 lessons. This is a super discount price, when paid upfront, as a thank you for your passion and dedication to learning singing long term.

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*’Press Play Practice Exercises which you can remove the guess work, by choosing your level, choosing the vocal skill, and practice at your own pace. This is for students to use in between lessons, and for people who can’t afford lessons, or for people who want to self learn. Coming soon will also be a ‘Pitch Accuracy Trainer’ feature, which will train your pitch by giving you immediate feedback.

$49 USD  Video Courses – 4 hours of singing lessons, 4 hours of guitar lessons


*My 2017 vocal and guitar video courses.