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Lessons Process

Once you buy and book lessons, I will message you on hangouts, and will await your confirmation.

The lessons will take place using the Zoom Cloud Meetings software. You don’t need to install it.

At the time of the lesson, I will send you a link via Hangouts, which when you click it, it will install Zoom on your computer, and it will connect us in a video call room.

During the lesson, I will make note of everything I teach you, using a google sheet which only myself and yourself will have access to. These notes will be under the ‘Lessons’ tab of the sheet. At the end of the lesson, I will write what we will work on next lesson. You can also write down questions you have during the week in this sheet, so I can address them at our next lesson.


At the end of the lesson, I will tick off what skills you have worked on. This is on the ‘Tracker’ tab. Every 5 minutes of work, counts as one tick. You can use this during the week to keep track of what you work on, and so I can see what you have been practicing. It takes at least 50 x 5 minutes of quality training to see a significant vocal change. You can consider 50 sessions at one ‘stage’ of training. Each person requires a different amount of stages, depending on their starting level, regularity of attendance in lessons and regularity of practice.

You will write down the songs you want to learn, and mark off when you make covers of them, using the ‘Songs’ tab. Write all the songs you want to learn – no matter how hard you think they are. Hard songs are an important part of goal setting.

At the end of the lesson, I will send you a private link to watch our lesson.

What you will learn in lessons


Lessons Further Information

  If you are too busy or sick to do your purchased lessons during the month, they stay in your credit and never expire

  Improve all your singing skills: Pitch, Range, Vibrato, Runs, Blend, Falsetto, Diction, Rhythm, Volume, Tone

  One on one private online lessons with Rached, using Zoom Cloud Meetings, excellent video/audio quality

  Lessons are recorded and sent to you within 24 hours after lesson

  Learn a comprehensive curriculum, which I tailor to your personal strengths and weaknesses

  Clear measurable outcomes which we check off as you progress through songs and skills/exercises

  See a clear map and vision of all the elements and sub-skills required to reach your vocal goals

  You are in charge of your learning in between lessons, with practice logs and easy ‘press play’ exercises

  Message me through private prioritized chat if you are having problems in between lessons

  Direct feedback every time you sing incorrectly, gradually making you become your own teacher

  Major changes in your ability will take between 6 months and 3 years of private lessons and practice in between

  There is no shortcut or magic exercise. It takes thousands of reps and hundreds of hours of work, feedback, and strategy to create an amazing voice. This is important to remember throughout your journey.

Lesson Structure

40 Minutes Total, sometimes going a few minutes over

5 minutes of Q & A about your home practice (could be interspersed throughout lesson, not necessarily at beginning or end).

10 to 20 Minutes on 2 to 4 different exercises – created from your weaknesses in songs, from the songs you sing for me at beginning of lesson.

Exercises may be piano based or song lyric based, depending on the specific skill you need to work on.

I instruct you what to do, and stop and correct you as needed, until you learn to sing the notes correctly.

This process repeats for most of the lesson.

You gradually work on harder skills as you improve.