Rached’s Original Songs

01-Popped In My Head
02-Who Do You Love
03-Comin’ Back To U
04-Outta Your Mind
05-Young Love No More
06-Body To Body
07-Can I Hear Some More
08-Follow Me
10-Thinkin’ About U
11-Move A Little Closer (Ft Dalal)
12-You Never Loved Me
13-What If
15-I Need You
16-Thinkin’ About You
I Want You
Im Gonna Try
Jovan & Rached – Dont You Close The Door
Rached – Big Brother
Rached – I Love You
Rached – I Miss You
Rached – In Your Boxers
Rached – Original – Hard Lesson To Learn
Rached – Original – Love Like This (Acoustic)_256kbps
Rached – Original – Our love plus the music_256kbps
Rached – Rejected
Rached – Senorita
Rached – Senorita (Zouk Mix)
Rached – Sing For Me
Rached – Stop Myself
Rached – You Never Loved Me
Rached & Karim – Turn Off The Light
Rached and Dalal – You Bitch
Rached Original Your Man (Half)
What If (Smoothed Out Remix)