Inspirational / Powerful Songs

01 Showtime (Interlude)
02 Underrated
03 – Having Sex
03 See You Again
07 Pass You By
09 I_ll Make Love To You
10 Doin_ Just Fine
10 On Bended Knee
10 Tank – If That_s What It Takes
12 A Song For Mama
13 Know What You Want
Misty Blue
14-Rose And A Honeycomb
Aveon Anthem
Az Yet – All It Takes
BETTER DAYS by Dianne Reeves (Covered by Johann Mendoza)
Boyz II Men – Dont Know If I_ll Be Around (unreleased)
Boyz II Men – Everything_(
Boyz II Men – I am thousand winds-千の風になって_(
Boyz II Men – Let It Snow_(
Boyz II Men – My Pledge ( UNRELEASED )
Boyz II Men – The Color Of Love
Brian McKnight – Another You []
Guy Sebastian-Angels Brought Me Here
Hairspray – Run And Tell That (with subtitles)
How Your P Works
Just Hold On by Boyz II Men
Melhem Zein -allawah
Tank – Baby Please Come Back (Prod. By Tim _ Bob)
Tank – Thankful for You
Tank maybe i deserve
Tank RB Piano Shed
Usher – Moving Mountains
Wanya Morris – Feather In Your Wings
Wanya Morris – Wake Me Up
Wanya Morris (of Boyz II Men) – Living In The Past []
Wanya Morris _ Faheem – Testify – Google
Zacardi Cortez Singing and Preachin_1454735051