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Just sing along – and repeat the exercises as often as you like – and I guarantee you will gradually progress to an advanced level.

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To be an advanced singer, you must practice exercises daily

Just singing songs from start to finish is not enough

You need to create exercises from the hard parts or use theory exercises for absolute beginners

You can rest a day or two a week.

Aim for a minimum of 20-40 minutes a day of exercises, and 5-20 minutes a day of songs.

You will get exercises which include song based exercises and theory based exercises.

Songs means just singing along with songs, or singing a full song with an instrumental, instrument or karaoke track, or even just singing acapella.

These exercises are designed to gradually create new skills in your voice.

Practice a variety of exercises, as it can be boring practice the same exercises too often.

Don’t worry, because the variety of exercises I provide will work all the skills in different way, so that you stay excited about practice.

We want to progress, but we also want to enjoy every minute of our training, or what’s the point!

It’s about making the journey as fun as possible, because learning never ends, as learning is the joy of life.

It will take 1-3 years for these skills to develop, so stay focused, disciplined, celebrate your gradual progress, and don’t quit.

$5.99 USD Monthly – RnB Website Membership