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Hi passionate singers, Rached Hayek here, from RnB Singing Lessons.


  • Teach you to stay in key for an entire song, without needing any background music or instrument to help you.
  • Teach you to tune your voice and sing on pitch (notes) more and more accurately which makes your voice sound closer to perfection, like instruments do.
  • Teach you to pronounce words like the singers you are copying or to create your own unique pronunciation that sounds professional.
  • Teach you to modify the tone of your voice (after you learn key and pitch) to sound similar to whatever mood you want to create (soft/romantic, strong, in between, rockish, jazzy)
  • Teach you to sing with a smooth vibrato, like the greatest singers in the world, for both long held vibrato and short quick vibrato, so you don't sound like a lamb.
  • Teach you to sing super fast short and long runs clean like the most incredible rnb and advanced singers of genres do, with beautiful clarity of every note.
  • Teach you to sing notes for the right timing as they occur in songs.
  • Teach you to sing higher and lower than you previously have been able to, in your chest voice, at soft, medium and loud volumes, and minimise the chance of cracking/breaking.
  • Teach you to sing in your falsetto and make it higher. 
  • Teach you how to go from your chest to falsetto and back and minimise the crack.
  • Teach you how to control your volume (dynamics) so your notes have more beauty and variety and create more emotion to tell a story better. 
  • Focus on getting you to sound as good as your favourite artist through an entirely song based method.
  • Allow you to choose the songs you want to learn and only learn those songs with my unique song based exercises that I will create from those songs for you.
  • Get you through any singing plateau you may have in any song you are wanting to be able to sing, but are not sure how to.
  • Keep your hard money in your wallet, by offering affordable prices.
  • Allow you to do short 20 minute lessons and sometimes longer lessons or multiple lessons per week, to fit different people's learning preferences and speeds.
  • Record lessons for you and send you the link immediately after the lesson, so you can revise and not miss anything important, and practice along with the lesson in your free time.
  • Show you how you can learn by using songs, and never have to sing strange exercises to sound like your favourite singers, who are mostly natural and didn't do use strange exercises to learn their skills.
  • Teach you how to copy the natural singers by making singing easy enough for anyone to learn, by breaking down things literally to one note at a time and then helping you combine all those notes.
  • Teach you to be a comfortable performer and sing and share covers with confidence online and in person, to strangers or friends.
  • Teach you how to self analyse your voice, so you clearly see your strengths and weaknesses and know how to work on both, instead of just putting yourself down for your weak spots, or thinking you are amazing, and neglecting your weak spots.
  • Teach you how to actually enjoy your singing practice and be able to do it regularly, without overdoing it and being overwhelmed by difficult songs
  • Teach you song based exercises that improve your voice immediately, and will never confuse you with unnecessary concepts about vocal anatomy or awkward sounding exercises. 
  • Actually have a great time every lesson, with my friendly, patient and encouraging approach. I will never yell at you or push you in any negative way. It is seriously fun and challenging the whole time!

Please see my courses below for online material to help you in addition to private lessons.  

PRIVATE LESSONS WITH ME - I urge you to try private lessons with me. They are much more powerful than any information I could give you in a YouTube video or a course, because I give you direct feedback on your specific problem areas. This can only be done in a lesson, and must be done by an EXPERIENCED CARING EAR. If you know me from YouTube, you know I will not waste your time with vocal anatomy and technical jargon. You will NOT BE CONFUSED. You will know exactly how to improve your singing, and it will not be some distant future idea, it will be immediate and progress will be seen each lesson GUARANTEED.

This is possible because I focus on KEY - PITCH - LYRICS - VIBRATO - RUNS - VOLUME - RANGE - ONLY in the context of SONGS. These areas, all developed, is what changes your overall sound, or your TONE.

On top of all this, my prices are super affordable, as lessons are short in time. This gives you easy regular affordable access. USE IT! A long lesson is not needed, and are usually filled with unnecessary exercises. My lessons are straight to the point, YOUR SONG, YOUR VOICE, YOUR MISTAKES, FIXING THEM and I create a song based exercise to fix your mistakes. Two or three of these per lesson, and some pep talk for your particular issue, and that's about 20 to 25 minutes. DONE! Come try my UNIQUE APPROACH, you will learn in a way you never thought was possible.

Can you imagine being able to HEAR YOURSELF SING YOUR FAVOURITE SONGS similar to your favourite artists, without any backing track or instrument, just purely your voice? It does take a lot of work, but with me, you don't waste any time being unsure how to do it, like I did for years. You get straight to the right SONG BASED EXERCISES for your voice and song. I WILL PROVE to you EVERY LESSON, that you can make progress in just a few minutes in a weak spot. Add that up over a dozen hours and it will be spectacular progress. OVERALL SONG PROGRESS that unfortunately people never make alone, and never make with teachers that teach technique and anatomy instead of songs. Let me show you. You will not regret it. If I feel I am not right for the job, I will gladly let you know and will refund you (hasn't happened yet, as I have had a lot of experience with many kinds of students wanting to learn rnb).

Practice These Singing Elements Daily With The Free Video Course Below


  • Pitch (Still/Straight Tone)
  • Key (Close To The Right Pitch)
  • Rhythm (How Long The Note Holds For)
  • Pronunciation (Vowels And Consonants)


  • Short (<=4 bounces)
  • Medium (<=8 bounces)
  • Long (9+ bounces)
  • Still Tone Into Vibrato


  • Short (<=6 notes)
  • Medium (<=12 notes)
  • Long (<=20 notes)
  • Very Long (21+ notes)


  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Blend (Chest To Falsetto Interval/Slide)


  • Full High Voice (All Volumes)
  • Thinned Out High Voice (All Volumes)
  • Mid Range (All Volumes)
  • Low Range

Training Anyone To Sing Any Song - 100% Song Based Approach

By Rached Hayek of RnB Singing Lessons.com

Why Learn This Way

*Structure for live lesson/practice that will always teach you effectively

*10 clear progress stages to move at an appropriate pace for your level

*Gives student a sense of progression & ability to measure themselves accurately

*This method allows student to "see" what they are doing in terms of note, speed, and progression

How To Use

*Using a phrase from student's chosen song (approx 5 notes) on lyric/vowel

*Test phrase first at full speed - if student doesn't get it in 4 tries, start at level 1.

*Example - "I believe I can fly" - I (E)  be (E) lee (E) eve (D) I (D) can (C) fly (C) - 7 note phrase

*Give student the exact notes - E E E D D C C - (take away (eg nah nah)/add lyrics if helps)

*Repeat each level for 1 to 4 reps as needed

ASD is Amazing Slow Downer app



Google Metronome

Click Here

Online Piano

Click Here

The 10 Levels

Level 1 - 4 seconds per note (metronome 60bpm 4 click hold)

Level 2 - 2 seconds per note (metronome 60bpm 2 click hold)

Level 3 - 1 second per note (metronome 60bpm 1 click hold)

Level 4 - ASD 25% rhythm and note with singer

Level 5 - ASD 36% rhythm and note with singer

Level 6 - ASD 50% rhythm and note with singer

Level 7 - ASD 66% rhythm and note with singer

Level 8 - ASD 75% rhythm and note with singer

Level 9 - ASD 88% rhythm and note with singer

Level 10 - ASD 100% rhythm and note with singer

Ways To Structure Your Singing Practice

Daily Practice, With Rest Days When You Need A Break

  • From 5 minutes to 60 minutes a day
  • Can do 5 to 20 minutes in morning, 5 to 20 minutes in afternoon, 5 to 20 minutes in evening
  • Can work on one element or several elements per session
  • Try to work on all the singing elements (see list above) at least once per week or fortnight so you are able to advance more
  • Eg 1: 5 minutes of falsetto in morning, 5 minutes of vibrato in afternoon, 5 minutes of range in evening
  • Eg 2: 15 minutes of long runs in evening, 5 minutes of range in evening
  • Eg 3: 20 minutes of lyrics/pitch/key in evening
  • Can mix the elements any way you wish, based on your weaknesses that need to be worked on
  • Make a list of all the songs you wish to learn, choosing difficult songs as long term goals
  • Do not pick 'easy' songs, or you have no reason to get better
  • Only songs that you love should be on the list, so you are fully motivated to practice and enjoy it :)
  • Practice daily instead of once a week longer sessions - the voice and ear improves gradually, and doing too much at once can be overloading

Watch My Actual Singing Practice Unedited

The Importance Of Super Slow Vocal Practice


Read This Amazing Article About Super Slow Practice From A Piano Teacher - The Same Concepts Apply To Singing Songs Slowly



with Rached Hayek

Thank you so much for being interested in my methods and I hope to help you be the best singer you can be. See you soon :)

Lessons prices are for 20 minute lessons, though you can extend the lesson time or do more than one lesson a week or more than one per session (eg 40 minute session counted as two lessons, 60 minute session counted as 3 lessons). 

Lessons DO NOT EXPIRE. You can use them in any time frame you wish, as we all get busy and tired or sick.

Click the  yellow text for each package to purchase through PayPal. 

Lessons are done with the Hangouts app on Android or Apple on your smart device or the computer version https://hangouts.google.com/. Click the green links to download/access them.

Your lesson is recorded privately on my YouTube account (only I will ever see it), and I send you a private link once we finish lesson, so you can watch and keep the lesson. 

Please purchase the Amazing Slow Downer app here Android - Apple - or at least download the Lite version till you get money, before your first lesson and watch the below playlist that I have created for you to learn how to use it (about 10-20 minutes to learn).

This will increase the amount of singing and learning we do in the lesson, and will set you up with the most incredible tool for improving your vocals in the future.

I use this tool EVERY practice session and it is the entire reason my voice has transformed.

Online Video Courses For Purchase

Watch Online Or Download - All Practical Sing/Play Along Courses With A Real Singer/Guitarist - Song Based Singing Method - No Long Lectures, No Soulless Scales

Please note, all my students who purchase overall 40 lessons with me (regardless of which packages they bought) get these two courses for FREE as a gift.

Buy one course for $44 US at paypal.me/rnbsinginglessons/44 with a note of which course you want

Buy both courses together for $66 US at paypal.me/rnbsinginglessons/66

SONG BASED SINGING COURSE with unique real runs course

Read Course Description


Read Course Description

Singing Course Description - 4 Hours Of Practical Material - Watch Online Or Download

Pitch & Key

This course is for those who:

1) Can't match a note immediately on the first or second go

2)  Can't hold a note for a few seconds without wavering off it

3) Can't go from one note to the next without changing key or going off pitch

4) Can't sing a note correctly after adding the lyrics

5) Have been called 'tone deaf' (which really just means you don't know how to match the notes/pitch of the song)

No-one is tone deaf, in the sense that they can't learn. Everyone is able to learn, as long as you have a voice that can speak. 

I have designed a training method which gradually builds up your ability to match pitch, and hold that pitch accurately. You will also learn how to match changing pitch, which is really just going from one note to the next accurately. 

Pitch and interval matching are the two most basic requirements of singing. They are what make singing different to speaking, and they are what make singing sound musical.

This method takes away the lyrics, and goes one note at a time, in super slow motion and then gradually gets faster. This method is guaranteed to teach you the skill of matching pitch and intervals, which will in turn have you ready to get back to singing songs and sing them much more accurately and beautifully. 

All you need to do is practice along with me in these videos, ideally daily for 5 to 20 minutes. In a few weeks to months, your voice will be perfectly in tune, and you will no longer need to use these exercises, and you can start focusing on song based training, and get more out of lessons. 


Vibrato is a very difficult skill to learn. 

A misconception about vibrato is that it is 'free' and 'natural'. In reality, it is a skill which you have to learn and practice regularly, with focus, in slow motion and then build up speed over months and years. 

This is how you develop a smooth sounding vibrato that sounds natural.

Yes, many people are gifted with the ability to do vibrato without outside help, but these people are naturally gifted, so you should not learn from how they do it, because they are ahead of us non-naturals, both in their voice ability to copy and their ear.

For the rest of us, like myself, we need a method to copy vibrato at a variety of speeds and build it up to the speed required in songs. 

So I developed this method over years of trial and error, and it is what I used over the years to develop my current vibrato, and still use to continue to get my vibrato smoother.

I guarantee it will help you sound smooth instead of wobbly or like a lamb, and add beauty and variety to your singing, if you practice regularly.

Simply sing along with me in these videos, do it daily or regularly, and you will see gradual progress each time you train and in a few weeks to months, your vibrato will sound more and more beautiful.


We all want to increase our range as much as possible, so that we have more songs we can sing, or we can create more interesting songs with more notes available.

The hard part is, not only is it confusing as to how to extend your range, but it also difficult to actually safely do, even when you figure it how to sing higher.

I have made it easy for you here. This is a sing along course, so you all you need to do is sing along with me, as I sing it quietly, then sing it medium to loud, and then get you to sing it alone. 

I pace each video at an easy pace, where you get rest/listening breaks between notes, and the quiet to loud method, and low to high method warms up your voice, so you don't hurt yourself by going too hard too soon.

These videos will help you strengthen the current range that you have, while challenging your limits in a gradual way. 

Simply start from the beginning and find where your limit is, then base your future training by staring approx 7 or 8 keys below your limit note where you break into falsetto, or crack.

Train up from this point, as you must build the lower notes and comfy higher notes strength in order to create new notes. You can't just create new notes out of thin air :)

It is simply like strengthening your foundations which in turn allows you to add more on top. 

I have made it gradual and easy to follow, and you can't fail with this approach. Do it daily or every few days and see how your current range and new notes in your range improves.

I have also included a song based training method example of how to increase your rnage, if you prefer to do it that way, or would like to mix both methods.

Remember that range training is to be done slowly, and gradually. Do not rush, and progress will come each time you train. Rush, and you risk hurting your voice, and having to not practice for a while to let it recover. 

Slow and steady, my friend, you will get there.

Learning Long Runs (Theory)

If you are excited when you hear long runs, but have no idea how to learn them, this course is for you.

I spent years trying to figure out how to learn long runs, as there are no teachers, courses or books that I could find that teach runs in incredible detail. Now I feel I have mastered learning long runs in a fun way, and I have made it as easy as possible for you to learn them too.

This course outlines all the steps to take, using an example at every step, with a detailed explanation, using visual note direction charts, piano, and on screen written summaries.

The course is not long in time, but the content is meant to be repeated as you go through the learning process, and is very dense with all the knowledge required.

Included is a chapter on using Amazing Slow Downer (ASD), teaching looping and saving of runs, and invaluable auto increment settings for the ultimate singing practice sessions to master long runs.

Also, if you purchase this course, you are free to ask me questions via email, and I will make additional videos (for free) which will explain anything if I haven't already, to make sure you have the best chance at learning your favourite long runs.

Using Amazing Slow Downer

Learn how to use Amazing Slow Downer, so you are sure to practice with the original singer and get every note and quality of sound 100% right.

High quality slow down functionality means no more guessing what note the singer is singing, and you get to hold the notes at a speed appropriate to your level.

High quality pitch change means you can change the key to fit your voice. So no more singing too high or too low. Finally find the right key with a simple slider

Looping means you can repeat the same part over and over till you get it right. You can also save your loops and access them easily, meaning you can get to practice quicker and literally make your own singing course, instead of wasting time.

I have experimented with many different auto increment settings, and this feature will change the way you practice singing forever. In the PDF I give you all the settings I use and show you how to set them, so that your practice is super productive.

Learning A Whole Song

Do you learn the lyrics to your favourite songs, learn the melody, but still don't sound like the original artist?

Do you find it hard to tell why you don't sound like the artist?

Does your voice crack, wobble, shake, go off key, seem confused, can't keep up or can't pronounce lyrics clearly?

I have the remedy.

This course shows you exactly what you need to work on to master a song in it's entirety.

Songs are all made up of a few singing elements. They include pitch and rhythm on lyrics, vibrato, runs, low notes, high notes, falsetto, falsetto blend, volume and pronunciation.

You may have heard of these elements, but you are not sure how to work on them.

You might have been told you need to do scales and practice particular vowels. This is the traditional method for classically trained people.

Now that we have advances in technology, there are newer, more effective ways to train.

Instead of training with a piano or with scales and arpeggios mp3s, you will exclusively train with your favourite artist's voice. Their voice and only their voice will be your teacher.

I have devised a method which shows you how to tackle every singing element that occurs in your favourite song. All you need to do is practice along with videos.

These videos will not only teach you the skills using the song example I have chosen, but will also teach you the method that you can use to approach learning any song you choose. That is what is invaluable about this course.

No more guessing how to practice, or uncertainty whether you are actually getting better when practicing. No more boring scales and arpeggios and breathing exercises that aren't getting you closer to the sound of your favourite artists.

Time to learn your favourite song with a song based method.

The method is really simple. It works by allowing you to really focus on the every single note the singer is doing, and spend a few minutes getting it right, before moving on. This allows you to gradually build your accuracy in each of the singing elements.

You will see progress every time you practice. Yes, clear small progress every 5 to 20 minutes of practice. This is not a joke. This method is extremely powerful. I am not exaggerating. In a matter of weeks, months or years, depending on your current level, your vocals will transform and sound similar to your favourite artists, with consistent practice of the methods contained in these videos.

RnB Runs Level 1

See Karim Hayek In Action (My 10 Years Younger Brother Natural Singer)

Runs are so difficult to learn, mainly because they are so blazingly fast. In my quest to learn runs, I became obsessed as they are exciting and provide interesting additions to a melody, as well as being a part of a complex melody.

This level 1 course is designed to teach you the common runs that occur in rnb/pop and is limited to 3 to 6 note runs, so that you build this foundation ability before moving onto runs with more notes.

What makes this course unique is that the runs are real runs from a real rnb singer, with the runs pulled directly from the artist's, Karim Hayek, songs. They were not designed for this course or made on a piano or midi track or over made up chords. They are real runs created in the heat of the moment by a skilled singer, and are a part of the amazing songs written by Karim Hayek (these songs are available on this site).

The key to learning runs is starting super slow, so slow in fact that you sing each note for at least a second. This makes the note easier to comprehend for your ear (pitch training) as well as easier to execute for your voice.

The act of singing the notes super slow also improves your ability to memorise notes and how they feel in your voice (vocal and brain muscle memory). Then gradually going faster, in small changes of speed of about 15%, trains your ear to hear runs at faster speeds, and trains your voice to sing runs at faster speeds.

Training runs not only improves your ability to sing exciting runs, but also improves your pitch accuracy and timing for the rest of a song (and any other song for that matter), as you are able to more clearly hear what notes you are aiming for, with your improved ear, as well as hit those notes more accurately, with your improved vocal muscle memory. So runs training actually acts as an enjoyable way to learn to sing better overall (as pitch accuracy is the major deciding factor of your overall tone and musicality).

All you have to do is press play and sing-a-long with these videos, and watch them for the rhythm (timing). Do this daily, or every time you choose to train, for 5 to 20 minutes.

I have given you the runs in my voice, super slow, then with Karim's voice on Amazing Slow Downer assisted by my voice, and then with Karim's voice alone on Amazing Slow Downer. These three stages will ensure you memorise the run, and gradually over time achieve the speed of the run, with regular practice.

Also, I have added practice mp3s at 4 key speeds, 25, 50, 75 and 100%. These are so you can focus on one speed at a time, as opposed to singing at gradually increasing speeds like in the videos. Mixing both these methods ensures you don't miss any important details, and you have more options in the way you practice for your current skill level. I use both methods and I recommend you do too.

If you have any questions or need further help, please email me at rachedh@hotmail.com, and I will make updates to the course or recommend a check up lesson.

RnB Runs Level 2

See Karim Hayek In Action (My 10 Years Younger Brother Natural Singer)

This level 2 course is designed to teach you the common runs that occur in rnb/pop and is limited to 6 to 9 note runs, so that you build on top of your level 1 ability and take it a step higher with a few more notes.

RnB Runs Level 3

See Karim Hayek In Action (My 10 Years Younger Brother Natural Singer)

This level 3 course is designed to teach you the common runs that occur in rnb/pop and is limited to 10 to 14 note runs, so that you build on top of your level 2 ability by taking it a step higher with a few more notes.

See Karim Hayek In Action (My 10 Years Younger Brother Natural Singer)

Guitar + Bonus Piano & Drums Course Description - 3 Hours Of Practical Material - Watch Online or Download

Guitar Right Hand Rhythms

  • Learn the fingers and hand movements with the intro videos.
  • Memorise the patterns using the chart and legend.
  • Play-along with the level 1 speed training video. Repeat the video till you feel it is easy.
  • Play-along with the level 2 up to level 4 speed training videos. Repeat them as needed till they are easy.
  • Do this process daily or regularly and you will be smooth at playing right hand rhythms to any song you choose.
  • The hand coordination and timing you will develop in these videos will crossover to any new right hand guitar rhythms you learn in the future.
  • The skills you develop here will allow you to develop your own creative rhythms if you wish.
  • These rhythms are advanced, but anyone can learn them because of the way I have broken them down.
  • They take time to learn, but are worth the effort, as you only need to learn a few rhythms, and you will be able to play your favourite songs in an interesting way.

Guitar Left Hand Chords

Now you don't need to guess what you need to learn to play all your favourite RnB songs on guitar.

I have put together all the chords that will play all the songs you love, and build your left hand skills in a useful way, instead of guessing.

Instantly make your own songs by playing the chords I have given, as I've sorted out all the chords that go well together. This will leave you making fresh music for years without having to guess which chords work together.

No need to learn music theory to get playing and make your songs sound great, just choose chords from the same key and get started.

Use a capo to modify the key for your voice. With these easy open chords and few barre chords, you don't need to memorize chords in all 12 keys. This is guitar truly simplified to the max, and will limit hand strain and forgetting of songs.

Guitar Combining Left & Right Hands (Chords & Rhythms)

Have you already learnt how to play chords on guitar?

Do you know some strumming or fingerpicking patterns?

But you just can't seem to put them together and play smoothly?

Do you have keep having to stop the right hand rhythms every time you have to change chords, or on certain chords?

Or do the strings buzz or not play correctly when you are playing?

Do you find you can't keep up with the song you are trying to play?

I have the solution. There are two things you need to train (assuming you can already play a chord clearly, and you can already play a rhythm with the right hand alone).

Those two things are:

1) the speed of your left hand chord changes, by training each finger one at a time, and then the fingers moving as a whole into a chord shape

2) the speed of the playing when combining both hands - you have to play super slow and give yourself the time to make the chord changes accurately, while playing the rhythm smoothly - and then very gradually build up that speed.

This play along course gives you exactly those skills.

All you need to do is put the videos on and play along with me and fix your errors and you will be playing smoothly with both hands in a matter of weeks to months.

I am excited to bring you this course, as I am confident of the amazing change it will make in your playing.

It is the method I used to get my playing smooth, and will definitely take you to the level you want to be at, and get you ready to learn to start singing with your playing.

Guitar - Sing & Play At The Same Time Smoothly

Can you already play guitar pretty well?

You're on time, everything sounds sweet, but as soon as you try to sing, your guitar playing falls apart?

Or maybe you can get through 50% of the song, but the other half you go off?

Or maybe you are killing it, and there's only a quarter of the song or a few lines that you can't seem to get in time?

I know how you feel. I've designed a remedy for you to get through these hard spots.

You see, when you start to sing while you are playing guitar, you are actually creating a polyrhythm, which means two rhythms at the same time.

It's like trying to tap one rhythm with your left foot, and a different rhythm with your right foot.

It can be done, but it takes training.

But isn't it weird, because you can already play in time, and you can sing in time, but doing both at the same time is so hard - so how do you actually train it?

I have devised a set of exercises which are what I used to be able to train the act of combining two simultaneous rhythms.

There are a few rhythms which we used to sing, and we need to train to sing them, while our right hand is playing a different rhythm, such as a strum.

This course will teach you how to create that ability in you to match two rhythms in sync with each other. The trick is to do it along with me, as I can already do it, so you have a guide, but also to do it slow enough so that it's not overwhelmingly difficult for you.

Then I gradually get you to sing the different rhythms while playing, faster and faster, in tiny speed increments.

All you have to do is play and sing along, and repeat the exercise on a regular

basis for 10 to 20 minutes a day, and you will be able to sing your favourite songs while you play with a few weeks to months.

This course will teach you the skills as much as can be done, and the method you will learn in these videos will then need to be applied to your particular songs and strum/fingerpicking/melody patterns.

But first, simply play and sing along, and hopefully these skills will get you to the point where you can play your songs with their different right hand patterns, and if it doesn't, try to use the method you learn from going through these videos and pinpoint the exact areas where you are having trouble. If it's still too hard to figure it out, get a lesson and I'm sure I'll be able to help you get through it.

I am very happy to bring you this course and am confident you will make amazing useful progress with consistent practice.

Piano - Learn Chords & Rhythms To Use For Singing

Do you want to learn how to play the backing chords and rhythm for your voice on piano?

Just enough so that you can look up the chords for any song, and then play them while you sing.

You don't want to go through an entire book or lessons on classical piano and music you don't care about, just so you can learn to play the backing chords for your voice.

I have made it simple for you.

When I started, learning piano was confusing, and I thought I had to learn to read sheet music, learn to play in all keys, learn all these beginner songs I had no use or care for, and learn to melodies that I wasn't going to play, because I just wanted to back up my voice with some smooth chords and rhythm.

I have made it simple for you, and let you get straight into learning piano to back up your voice, by starting with a common chord progression.

All you have to do is play along with these videos, and they will give you the physical skills you need to play the piano.

With this training, you will have the physical ability and ear to play in time, and then you can go and find the chords for your favourite songs, and be able to play them or know how to approach getting better at them, since I have outlined the skills to break down chords and chords progressions in each of these videos.

With these videos, you will be playing piano chords and rhythm smoothly in a matter of months, with only 20 minutes a day of practice. Some people may master it in weeks, if they are faster learners.

That is how powerful my teaching approach is. My teaching method is simply based on going super slow, but in actual time, not just slow, and then gradually building it up to faster and faster tempo, but very incremental, so that it doesn't get too fast, too soon.

I hope you enjoy this course and the fun you will have learning piano in this way, and the fast progress you will see, compared to learning with different methods.

Rhythm - Table Hand Drumming & Beatboxing

Do you have bad timing?

Do you wish you knew how to tap or drum your hands in time with any song?

Do you wish you could easily copy a rhythm with your mouth with a beatbox?

This course teaches you the skill of learning an advanced rhythm, even if you are a beginner.

It takes you through step by step, teaching you to memorise the rhythm, and then extremely gradually takes you faster, using several methods, to make sure you learn all the skills necessary to have great timing. 

This course is a very fun and effective way to learn a real exciting rhythm, and get you started on your percussive journey. 


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See Karim Hayek In Action (My 10 Years Younger Brother Natural Singer)

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