Private Online Lessons With Rached

For lessons, email rachedh@hotmail.com – including the below: 

  1. Send one verse and chorus of yourself singing
  2. Tell me the songs or skills from songs you want to learn
  3. Tell me why you want to learn with me
  4. Tell me if you are looking for long term weekly singing lessons, or casual lessons
  5. Tell me your City and Country so I can check times
  6. Tell me how you found out about me

What Do I Teach

I teach the vocal skills that occur the most in songs. I call them the singing elements. They are lyrics, vibrato, runs, range, falsetto, blend, breath, diction, placement, volume, pitch, rhythm, harmony and guitar. 

I teach RnB and Pop styles. It doesn’t matter what song you want to sing. I will break it down for you. 

Click the links below to hear examples of the different complex skills you will learn in lessons. These don’t include normal lyric sections you will learn, as everyone knows what they sound like 🙂

Who Do I Teach

All levels of singers, from complete beginners who can’t sing a single note properly, to advanced singers who are already professional sounding, and want to increase their ability in range, runs, vibrato, and generally very advanced songs. 

Why Do I Teach

I personally enjoy the challenge of finding a singers strengths and weaknesses and building both to a point where a student transforms to a higher level of skill. I love the way singers smile when they have worked hard at something for one to dozens of lessons, and find themselves singing something they never thought they could – whether it’s a high note, a vibrato hold, a super fast run, an improvement in overall tone. That feeling of progress is what I strive for every student to achieve. 

What Is My Teaching Experience

Since starting rnbsinginglessons.com, I have taught over 1000 hours of one to one online lessons. These students have been at all levels of ability, singing a variety of songs, and primarily using song based methods that work all the above mentioned vocal elements – not just singing scales for 40 minutes. All my students progress every single lesson. There is never a plateau. That is what you are paying for. I have a friendly teaching style. I am not a ‘mean’ teacher – but I will make you work very hard, and praise you for it. 

Watch The Proof That I Used To Be A Beginner Myself

Watch The Proof That I Help A Beginner Singer Become Intermediate

Watch The Proof That I Help An Intermediate Singer Become Advanced

What Do I Sound Like Live

Essential Learning Tools 

Singing Pitch Trainer (SPT)

This is a tool I developed myself to train singers to sing any phrase or exercise with excellent stability and strength, by allowing them to see their voice on screen as they sing, as well as using speed, key, loop and other modifications to perfect notes. 

Watch The Video Below And Then Click Here To Learn More About Singing Pitch Trainer


Amazing Slow Downer App (ASD)

 To maximise your productivity during our lessons, watch the below 10 minute tutorial I have created for you, taken from my singing course. You can get the lite version if you aren’t ready to purchase the full version. Full version costs approx $20.

Android Full Version

Android Lite Version

Apple Full Version

Apple Lite Version


Transpose Extension for Chrome (Computer Only)

Visit https://transpose.video/ to get this tool, which allows you to modify pitch and speed of YouTube videos from your computer, as well as make loops and stores them in memory under your google account using the Chrome browser. 


Recorded Practice Sessions


Record Yours For Progress Checkups


1 Minute Videos Addressing Common Singing Questions

Easy Guitar Lessons

How To Sing Runs Practical Sing-A-Long Series (Free Course)

Learn Vibrato By Singing Along With These Videos