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 Your starting level DOES NOT MATTER.
 You WILL learn these skills GUARANTEED.
 You may need less or more time, DEPENDING on your starting level.
 Regardless of starting level, showing up is the only way to KEEP ADVANCING.
 I can teach these skills to ANYONE.
 All you need is a speaking voice, and to SHOW UP to lessons.
 Practicing at home is OPTIONAL. The lessons are your VOCAL WORKOUT. Lessons are recorded.
 You might be able to learn alone, but learning in LESSONS is YEARS FASTER and WORTH THE COST.


  5 Week Course – Buy 5 x 40 Minute Lessons for $166 USD
*3 hours 20 minutes total. Equivalent to a long practical workshop in education/practice.
*Get started with noticing & improving your unique pitch, vibrato, runs, falsetto, blend & range weaknesses.
*Eligible for $1000 USD for 50 lessons slow pay deal

  10 Week Course – Buy 10 x 40 Minute Lessons for $266 USD
*6 hours 40 minutes total. Equivalent to a approx half a subject at university/college.
*Get more comfortable with recognizing and working on your unique pitch, vibrato, runs, falsetto, blend & range weaknesses.
*Eligible for $1000 USD for 50 lessons slow pay deal

  One Year Course – Buy 50 x 40 Minute Lessons for $1000 USD
*33 hours 20 minutes total. Equivalent to approx 4 subjects at university/college education time expectations.
*Get to advanced levels of pitch, vibrato, runs, falsetto, blend & range, and learn to self train yourself for future progress.
*You can choose to pay this slowly with the above options as a reward for your consistency

*You can cancel a booked lesson at any time, but I suggest you make it up another time the same week, or at a later time within the expiry date, to keep continuity of your progress. You can also do as many lessons as you like each week – you don’t have to wait a week to do your next lesson. The more you do, the faster you learn.

One Year Course Curriculum
Subject Lessons
1. Music Theory
  1. C Major Scale
  2. A Minor Scale
  3. Chromatic Scale
  4. C Major Intervals
  5. C Major Asc Twos
  6. C Major Asc Threes
  7. 2-3 Octave Scale
  8. Major Vs Minor Vs Harmonic Minor 1st 3
  9. Finding The Key
  10. C Major 3rd Harmonies
2. Song Sections

*Slides & Pitch Changing On Lyrics Accuracy Focus

  1. Intro
  2. Verse
  3. PreChorus
  4. Chorus
  5. Bridge
  6. Outro
  7. Improv
  8. Harmony
  9. Key Change
  10. Key
3. Falsetto/Blend
  1. Falsetto Onset
  2. Chest Blend Into Falsetto Ascending
  3. Chest Blend Into Falsetto With Slide Note Ascending
  4. Falsetto Blend Into Chest Descending
  5. Chest vs Falsetto Same Note
  6. Falsetto Vibrato
  7. Falsetto Runs
  8. Falsetto Sections
  9. High Falsetto
  10. Low Falsetto
4. Vibrato
  1. Vibrato Onset Short 4 Bounces
  2. Vibrato Onset Medium 5-8 Bounces
  3. Vibrato Onset Long 8+ Bounces
  4. Straight Tone Into Vibrato 4 Bounces
  5. Vibrato 4 Bounces Into Straight Tone
  6. Straight Tone Into Vibrato 4 Bounces Into Straight Tone
  7. Phrase End On Vibrato Onset Lyric
  8. Phrase Begin On Vibrato Onset Lyric
  9. Vibrato Accent Of Bounces
  10. Vibrato vs Bounce Run
5. Runs
  1. Short Runs 3 Notes
  2. Short Runs 3-6 Notes
  3. Short Runs With Slides 3-6 Notes
  4. Medium Runs 7-12 Notes
  5. Long Runs 13-20 Notes
  6. Very Long Runs 21+ Notes
  7. Ascending Runs
  8. Descending Runs
  9. Bounce Runs
  10. Creating Your Own Runs
Others/Notes *Range, Tone Placement, Volume and anything else that may come up is taught during all the above subjects, due to the nature of the exercises

*If you are already proficient in any of the skills, lessons will be modified to suit your needs and give you appropriate challenges to make you better than you are.

*You will learn all the above skills during lessons, using songs of your choice (except the theory section). I can give you songs to choose from if you don’t already have songs in mind.

*The format is not necessarily in the order listed above – it may be more like you have a list of songs we work on and we gradually learn all the above skills using those songs, with me choosing your focus based on what you need help with.

*Some people may need more than one year to learn all the skills. It depends on your starting level and rate of progress. At the very least, you will learn skills to a medium to high level, and you will know how to practice on your own to keep progressing (the way that you see me self practice without a teacher in my videos).

*My goal is to get you to the point where you are already medium to high level, through lessons alone. After the course, you will have the knowledge to be able to break things down and practice on your own for any songs you wish to learn in the future (without my help).

*You focus on learning songs, such as lyrics and melodies and rhythm in your practice time. Our lessons are where I gradually develop your skills at executing all the above elements toward a more advanced level. This kind of training I put you through will make any song you sing sound gradually better. You can also watch our recorded lessons back at least once to refresh your memory and the areas we worked on, as well as help you see your progress during the lesson.

*Eligibility for $1000 USD for 50 lessons explained
Whether you buy 5 lessons repeatedly, or 10 lessons repeatedly, once you reach $1000 USD spent, you will be gifted with however many lessons it takes to make 50 lessons total. This also applies to all current and past students, so anything you have spent will count towards the $1000 USD.
Example 1: If you buy 5 lessons @ $166, 6 times, that will equal 30 lessons for approx $1000 USD. At that point, I will gift you 20 free lessons!
Example 2: If you buy 10 lessons @ $266, 4 times, that will equal 40 lessons for approx $1050 USD. At that point, I will gift you 10 free lessons!
Why this deal? I do this to encourage you to stay with me long term, as it really does take time to learn all the singing elements required to reach your potential, and this way you won’t make the mistakes I made that slow or stop progress 🙂 Also it’s better when it’s affordable right?!

 What happens in lessons? You choose a song, sing it for me, I find your weaknesses, and I show you how to improve them, one step at a time. The more lessons you do, the more professional you will sound. You can only learn one skill at a time, and each skill usually takes anywhere from 5 to several dozen lessons to master. Though we do mix between several skills to keep lessons interesting, as well as make sure you develop in all skills equally. Lessons are recorded and sent to you soon after the lesson. See the skills here on the method page or the course page.

 Serious progress requires serious time. Learning singing is just like studying at school/college/university. It takes months to years.

 The best possible education is one on one with a skilled mentor who can sing like you want to and knows how to hear your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

   50 life changing singing lessons at the cost of a one week holiday, or a high quality guitar or keyboard. The cost of doing one subject at university or college, or having ongoing casual group classes or a gym membership.

   We will break small plateaus every lesson. I am a friendly teacher and value my students progress, friendship and trust in me. Your progress is 100% guaranteed. I work very hard to help you, and I do not waste time on useless strategies.

  I have helped hundreds of singers of all levels with pitch, key, rhythm, vibrato, runs, range, tone & falsetto.

      I also teach guitar, so you can use your lessons for both voice and guitar.


*Buy Lessons Before Booking


 To maximise your productivity during our lessons, watch this 10 minute tutorial I have created for you, taken from my singing course. You can get the lite version if you aren’t ready to purchase the full version.



with unique real runs course

4 Hours Of Practical Material


3 Hours Of Practical Material

 Buy both courses together for $50 USD

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