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What You Will Learn In Lessons

 Sing Your Song Choices 100% Of The Time
 Sing Song Based Exercises Created By Teacher
 Sing Like Your Favourite Artists, In Your Own Unique Sound
 Sing In Key & On Pitch
 Sing Lyrics Correctly (Pronunciation)
 Sing Straight Notes Correctly (Remove Shakiness)
Sing Vibrato Evenly At Many Speeds
 Sing Short & Long Fast Runs
Sing Falsetto
 Sing Blend Notes (Chest To Falsetto Transition)
 Sing High & Low Notes
 Sing With Nice Placement Tone (Not Nasal)
 Sing At All Volumes (Low, Mid, High)
 Sing With Backing Tracks & Instruments
 Sing Solo Acapella (No Backing Tracks)
 Self Discipline & Practice Schedule/Style


  Buy 20 Minute Lesson for $20 USD (Complete 50 lessons/$1000 USD paid and get 50 free)

  Buy 10 x 20 Minute Lessons for $150 USD (25% discount – 3.3 hours total) (Complete 70 lessons/$1000 USD paid and get 30 free)

  Buy 100 x 20 Minute Lessons for $1000 USD (50% discount – 33.3 hours) (You can choose to pay this slowly with the above options)

 Want serious progress? This requires a serious amount of time with a mentor who can sing like you want to and knows how to hear your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. 33 hours of one one one classes with me is a serious commitment which will get you to your goal.

 These deals encourage you to complete 100 x 20 minute lessons (33.33 hours) of priceless one on one learning. The idea is you can pay off $1000 USD slowly through any combination of the above pricing.

  100 life changing singing lessons at the cost of a one week holiday, or a high quality guitar or keyboard. The cost of doing one subject at university or college.

   We will break plateaus every lesson. I am a friendly teacher and value my students progress, friendship and trust in me.

  I have helped hundreds of singers of all levels with pitch, key, rhythm, vibrato, runs, range, tone & falsetto.

      I also teach guitar, so you can use your lessons for both voice and guitar. 


*For a 20 minute session, please book one class.
*For more than 20 minutes, please book two back to back classes.
*If you would like to book the same time for every week, please book the time once, and send me a note that you would like it recurring for however many weeks.


 To maximise your productivity during our lessons, watch this 10 minute tutorial I have created for you, taken from my singing course. You can get the lite version if you aren’t ready to purchase the full version.


 Buy one course for $20 US with a note of which course you want: Singing or Guitar

 Buy both courses together for $33 US

Make sure your email is written in your payment, so I can send you the courses. Once I receive your payment, I will email you a link to the courses you purchase within 24 hours. Please check your spam email as my email has occasionally gone there (even though I never send chain emails).  If you have any problems, contact me at


with unique real runs course

4 Hours Of Practical Material


3 Hours Of Practical Material

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