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What You Learn In Lessons, with Rached Hayek:

 Sing Your Song Choices 100% Of The Time (No Scales Needed)
 Sing Exercises Created By Teacher Using Your Songs (No Scales Needed)
 Sing In Key
 Sing On Pitch Accurately
 Sing Lyrics On Pitch
 Sing Lyrics Correctly (Pronunciation)
 Sing Straight Notes Correctly (Remove Shakiness)
Sing Vibrato Evenly At Many Speeds
 Sing Short Fast Runs
 Sing Long Fast Runs
 Sing Really Long Fast Runs
 Sing Falsetto
 Sing Blend Notes (Chest To Falsetto Transition)
 Sing Low Notes
 Sing High Notes
 Sing With Nice Placement (Not Nasal)
 Sing At All Volumes (Low, Mid, High)
 Sing With Backing Tracks
 Sing Solo Acapella (No Backing Tracks)
 Sing With An Instrument (Guitar/Piano)
 Sing In Front Of Small Or Big Audiences
 Sing & Create Original Songs
 Sing Improvised Runs
 Sing Regularly (Practice Schedule & Methods)
 Sing With A Pro Mentor’s Feedback Reguarly (Affordable Lessons)
 Sing With Your Recorded Lessons (All Lessons Recorded)
 Sing Accurately With Your Favourite Artists Recordings
 Sing Like You Are A Natural, Even Though You Might Not Be
 Sing In An Encouraging Environment (Friendly & Strict Teacher)
 Sing With An Incredible App Tool (Amazing Slow Downer)
 Sing With Confidence That You Will Never Hit A Plateau
 Sing With Your Own Unique Sound, With The Skill Level Of Your Favourite Artists

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Starting Singing Lessons With Rached


  Buy 20 Minute Lesson for $20 USD (Complete 50 lessons/$1000 USD paid and get 50 free)

  Buy 40 Minute Lesson for $40 USD (Complete 25 lessons/$1000 USD paid and get 25 free)

  Buy 10 x 20 Minute Lessons for $150 USD (25% discount – 3.3 hours total) (Complete 70 lessons/$1000 USD paid and get 30 free)

  Buy 100 x 20 Minute Lessons for $1000 USD (50% discount – 33.3 hours) (You can choose to pay this slowly with the above options)

 These deals encourage you to complete 100 x 20 minute lessons (33.33 hours) of priceless one on one learning. The idea is you can pay off $1000 USD slowly through any combination of the above pricing, and complete 100 priceless intense lessons, where I will be the coach that changes your singing game forever.

  100 life changing singing lessons at the cost of a one week holiday, or a high quality guitar or keyboard. The cost of doing one subject at university or college. You will not find a better deal than this. And with the option to pay it slowly.

   Quality vocal workouts and advice, using your favourite songs with my 100% unique song based approach. No two lessons are ever the same, and no scales are needed.

  I am honest in my feedback and care about your progress, and I will push you to your limits, in a healthy way. I am also very friendly and value my students friendships and trust in me.

  I have helped hundreds of singers of all levels with pitch, key, rhythm, vibrato, runs, range, tone & falsetto.

      I also teach guitar, so you can use your lessons for both voice and guitar. Highly recommended for a beautiful musical experience.


I am truly committed to helping you create your dream voice. So please understand that coming to lessons regularly for a few months to years (depending on your starting level) will be the most powerful way to get your voice to a professional level. Through my years of experience, I have seen that students make slow progress, lose confidence in their ability to learn, and lose momentum when they try to mainly practice alone, and only do lessons occasionally (once every few months), instead of weekly.

This is because students usually can’t see their errors, and need someone to point out their mistakes, and give them the right training for where they are currently at to help them improve. Also, as you improve, the way you train will need to be modified, because when you do regular lessons, you constantly improve, which requires different training to keep you improving.

This is why I have such an unbelievably low pricing deal – because the reward for me is that I help create someone’s dream voice, and your reward is an affordable education and an always improving voice, where you never hit a plateau. Choose me as your as your long term coach, and we will create magic together. I’m not even being cheesy! It’s truly magic when a voice changes 🙂 I know, because I experienced the change in my own voice, and in my students, and it’s so rewarding to sing great!




 To maximise your productivity during our lesson, watch this 10 minute tutorial I have created for you, taken from my singing course


 Buy one course for $44 US with a note of which course you want: Singing or Guitar

 Buy both courses together for $66 US

Make sure your email is written in your payment, so I can send you the courses. Once I receive your payment, I will email you a link to the courses you purchase within 24 hours. Please check your spam email as my email has occasionally gone there (even though I never send chain emails).  If you have any problems, contact me at


with unique real runs course

4 Hours Of Practical Material


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