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Teaching Experience

Teaching on YouTube, Starting RnB Singing Lessons (2016 – Present)

Towards the end of my high school teaching phase, I had become an advanced singer, working towards becoming an expert singer. My teaching skills had developed significantly. I was no longer happy teaching in high schools, as their was a strict curriculum, students were not always interested in learning, I was working in low socio-economic areas, and I was wanting to train individuals that were really interested, as opposed to teaching students who had to be in the classroom, with no choice, as well as have to sing in front of 25 other kids, that they don’t care to sing of front of. At this point, I decided to leave and go back to office work, which I had originally started with, before I became a teacher. I had an IT degree, majoring in software engineering, but wanted to do something more basic, such as IT support. I got an IT support role, (which I’m still in and enjoying), and I decided I really missed teaching, so I started to take my YouTube more seriously.

At this point, my YouTube was more focused on acoustic covers, and guitar tutorials of my favourite songs, such as Boyz II Men and Craig David songs. These tutorials were popular on YouTube, but I felt I was now ready to teach singing. I had started to focus more seriously on singing in my later high school teaching days, as I felt I had advanced enough on guitar, but was still lagging in sounding amazing as a singer. So I dedicated myself to trying to figure out what was missing from my skills, and what I had to do to sound like my favourite artists. You can see them on my influences page from the menu. After several years of grinding away and listening to thousands of songs in slow motion and spending hundreds of hours, I was able to transform my voice to where it is today, and it keeps getting better with more training.

Because I started at a such as basic level (see my transformation) this makes me an excellent teacher for students of all levels, because I know how to get singers through every possible weakness they have, because I have experienced the weaknesses myself. I created daily videos of singing motivation and free tutorials and live chats on YouTube, and gained approx 5000 subscribers in about 2 years. I had about 1000 subscribers of the 9 years before I started making singing tutorials. From this I had a steady stream of students, and have now taught over 100 students online, with approx 10 being regulars, some on and off, over nearly 2 years. My experience teaching has continued to grow, and I keep doing my best to be the best teacher I can be. I am always reflecting and making notes and creating content, courses and strategies to allow students to experience as much as progress as fast as possible, at an affordable cost, and with minimal frustration, stress or plateaus.

I absolutely love teaching, and I would love to teach anyone who is extremely passionate about having an amazing singing voice. I love the relationship I have with my students, and the joy I feel when I see them conquer things they never thought they would, such as singing in key, learning vibrato, runs, falsetto, blend, range, diction, volume, confidence, performance. If you have any further questions about me, please email me at rachedh@hotmail.com.

Teaching at various high schools in Australia (2008 – 2015)

After one year in the guitar schools, I wanted to try new things, and was offered a role in my old high school where I used to work to teach students of ages 12-15 as an assistant teacher. This sparked further interest in me in regards to being a teacher, and I enjoyed teaching students and after 2 years as an assistant teacher, I became a main teacher, and had my own classes. I taught kids singing, guitar and cajon drums, as well as general music. Classes were focused on singing, and mainly trying to help students break out of their shyness, and find the groups which they enjoyed singing with within the class. I used to have folders of printed out sheets of songs with guitar chords, which the students would choose, which I would play for them, and they would sing in small groups of 1-5 or so, and I would assist them with singing, and help them sing better with some drills. I myself was still an average singer at this point, but I could sing in key, and enough to help students with that. I did this role for 7 years.

Teaching at G4 Guitar Schools in Australia (2007-2008)

I started out teaching at the age of 23 (I was born 1983) , initially teaching guitar in a guitar school, working at several schools within a few suburbs for 6 months. I was a fast learner and a natural teacher, but also had a great mentor who coached me in patience and how to break down things down to a students level, so that any student I came across, I would be able to meet them where they are at. This has become a skill which I have practiced every single lesson, and is the reason why my teaching continues to evolve, in order to improve the experience for students and help them be the best they can be. After 8 months or so of teaching, I had reached a number of 70 students per week (teaching guitar only, with a handful of singing students, and also doing workshops). At this point, my role changed and I became a teacher trainer.

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