Learn how to sing runs (also called trills, riffs, melisma)

Are you sick of not being able to sing runs?

I know how you feel.

I spent years trying to learn them on my own, but got super frustrated and ‘quit’ many times.

After years of trial and error I finally figured out several strategies which got me gradually getting better.

I have now reached a point where I can copy the fastest runs on my favourite songs.

I can also copy long runs, that are approximately 25 notes, such as those done by Brian McKnight, Tank, Boyz II Me, Chris Brown and others.

This was a super long journey, but through my experience teaching myself, and then teaching others in over 1000 one to one private singing lessons, I have created a way for you to learn runs, as much as possible on your own.

I have compiled a list of runs, from short to long for you to gradually increase your memory capacity for memorizing runs. Click on them to hear them, and click the download button at the bottom to learn them in Singing Pitch Trainer. There is a second page which also has female runs.

These runs have many different patterns, such as ascending, descending, and a combination of ascending and descending, and other variations such as intervals and range differences.

Learning these runs will give you the capability to copy other runs you hear, as well as make up your own that are similar.

When it come to runs, there are two stages – pitch and rhythm.

With pitch, you have to 1)learn each note and sing it perfectly, 2) be able to delineate very clearly from one note to the next, 3) memorize several notes.

With rhythm, you have to 1) sing the notes at an even rhythm, proving that you know every note 2) sing the notes in the rhythm the singer is doing at a slow speed 3) sing the run at a variety of speeds, both with and without the singer, eventually reaching the speed the singer is doing.

You can download all the runs I have on the singingpitchtrainer.com page, under the Learn To Sing Runs slide. There are 3 columns. The first is the shortest runs, the second are medium length runs, and the last is super advanced long runs.

Download these runs and import them into Singing Pitch Trainer (my webApp which you can buy), and you will see every note. Work on every note at a comfortable speed.

You can watch the tutorial videos on the first slide on the SingingPitchTrainer.com page, about runs and import/export to learn how to use it.

Good luck with your runs!

I guarantee you will be killing it within a year of dedicated 30 minutes of training a day.

The more runs you learn, the easier it will get, and the faster you will get and the more you can start creating your own as well.

Welcome to the exciting world of improving your runs and becoming an advanced singer that wows the crowd every time with your impressive vocals.

With these methods, runs are no longer only for the natural singers with raw talent. We can all learn them! I did, my students are, and so can you.

If you have any questions, please email me at rachedh@hotmail.com.


Rached Hayek | RnBSingingLessons.com | SingingPitchTrainer.com