Learn how to sing runs (also called trills, riffs, melisma)

Are you sick of not being able to sing runs? I know how you feel. I spent years trying to learn them on my own, but got super frustrated and ‘quit’ many times. After years of trial and error I finally figured out several strategies which got me gradually getting better. I have now reached […]

12 Singing Skills To Learn

Breath – Long Note Holds Learning to sing a stable long note (3 to 20 seconds) is a very fun skill to have. This will ensure that whenever you have to hold a note for more a than a quick second, it sounds rich due to the perfect pitch on the note, and the strength […]

Fixing Shaky Singing – Taming Your Straight/Still Notes

Balancing Act Singing a straight or still note (two different ways to describe the same thing) is literally a balancing act. Maybe you learnt to ride a bike – same thing – you had to practice over and over and over to learn to ride in a straight line, without falling off to the left […]

Learning To Sing Using Instrument Methods

Using The Success Of Instrument Methods People are very successful at learning to play guitar, piano and other instruments – even without the help of an in-person teacher. Students can usually get to a decent level on an instrument, using website articles, YouTube videos, books, video courses or software. An in-person teacher ofcourse will be […]

Pitch Accuracy Determines How Pleasant You Sound

When we try to hit a pitch, we are trying to hit an exact sound, that falls on a particular note, which can be found on an instrument, such as a piano. Notice that instruments need to be regularly tuned – except for electronic instruments – as they are tuned at the time of creation […]

‘See’ & ‘Hear’ Your Voice

From teaching students of all levels, beginner to advanced, the one thing that all singers have in common is their inability to ‘see’ a note or set of notes from a phrase in their mind. This is a skill which can be learnt. You could also say that a singer is unable to ‘hear’ the […]

Slow Singing Practice

Sing Slow To Sing Like A Pro What does ‘sing slow’ mean? When you hear me say “sing slow” it might sound weird. You could think that I’m asking you to sing a slow song. But I’m not. What I mean by “sing slow”, is to take your weak spots from a song, and sing […]