Singing Pitch Trainer

Scale Modes

Change the mode of the scale. For example, here I entered the scale as pictured in the top right box. Then I pressed Harmony up once (bottom left). This changed the notes (centre) to go up one the next mode of the key/scale. Each key has 7 possible modes. You use the same notes in the key/scale, but you simply start from a different notes. For example the first mode in this key of D major starts on D, second mode is E, third mode is F# start, G is fourth mode start note etc. The names of the modes are 1=Ionian or Major, 2=Dorian, 3=Phrygian, 4=Lydian, 5=Mixolydian, 6=Aeolian or Minor, 7=Locrian. Being able to sing all the modes increased your musical capability.