Singing Pitch Trainer

What is Singing Pitch Trainer (SPT)?

Singing Pitch Trainer trains you to sing on pitch, as well as learn melody lines (sequences) and runs.

SPT allows you to hear each note at a pace you can handle, and not skip any notes you may not be noticing.

SPT also makes you sing notes clearly, as opposed to ‘mushing’ them together.

SPT gradually builds your speed at hearing and singing notes together as a group of notes, and makes you do enough reps for your voice to reach a professional level on the particular lines you are learning.

Mastering many difficult lines is the key to building up your overall level.

Singing things that are already easy for you won’t make you improve, so this program helps you focus on things that are challenging and push you to a new level gradually.

Recommended for use on computers using the Chrome browser. It may work on your mobile/tablet device, but may have limited functionality, such as speed/performance or other issues.